Essential FAQs for Patients Using the MyCenturaHealth Portal

Welcome to the “MyCenturaHealth FAQs” guide, your all in one resource for navigating the MyCenturaHealth portal.

This complete online platform empowers Centura Health customers by allowing them to access personal health information, schedule appointments, and communicate directly with healthcare providers for free.

Essential FAQs for Patients Using the MyCenturaHealth Portal

Q1. What is MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: MyCenturaHealth is an online patient portal that allows users to access their health information and communicate with their healthcare providers.

Q2. How do I sign up for MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: You can sign up by visiting the MyCenturaHealth website and following the registration process, which requires some personal information and verification.

Q3. Is there a fee to use MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: No, MyCenturaHealth is a free service provided to Centura Health patients to manage their health information online.

Q4. How can I access my medical records on MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: Log in to your account, and navigate to the ‘Health Summary’ section to view your medical records and test results.

Q5. Can I schedule appointments through MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: Yes, you can schedule and manage appointments with your healthcare providers directly through the portal.

Q6. What should I do if I forget my MyCenturaHealth password?

Ans: Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Q7. How do I update my personal information on MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: After logging in, navigate to the ‘Profile’ section where you can update your personal information such as address and contact details.

Q8. Can I message my doctor through MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: Yes, you can send non urgent messages to your healthcare provider through the portal’s secure messaging feature.

Q9. Is MyCenturaHealth secure?

Ans: Yes, the portal uses industry standard security measures to protect your personal health information.

Q10. How do I view my lab results on MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: Lab results are automatically uploaded to your account, accessible through the ‘Test Results’ section.

Q11. Can family members access my MyCenturaHealth account?

Ans: Yes, with your permission, family members can be granted access through the family access feature.

Q12. What should I do if I encounter technical issues with MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: You can contact the support team via the help link on the website or call the support number listed on the portal.

Q14. Can I pay my medical bills through MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: Yes, the portal provides an option to view and pay your medical bills online securely.

Q15. How do I get the MyCenturaHealth mobile app?

Ans: The app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices from their respective app stores.

Q16. What features are available on the MyCenturaHealth mobile app?

Ans: The mobile app offers features like appointment scheduling, message your doctor, access test results, and view medical records.

Q17. How can I cancel an appointment made through MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: You can cancel appointments directly through the portal by navigating to the ‘Appointments’ section and selecting the appointment you wish to cancel.

Q18. What to do if I’m not receiving email notifications from MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: Check your spam folder, and ensure your email address is correct in the ‘Profile’ settings. You may also need to adjust your notification settings.

Q18. Can I request prescription refills on MyCenturaHealth?

Ans: Yes, you can request prescription refills from your medical record dashboard if your provider supports this feature.

Q19. How can I access my immunization records?

Ans: Immunization records can be accessed under the ‘Health Summary’ section of your MyCenturaHealth account.

Q20. What is the difference between MyCenturaHealth and the Centura Health mobile app?

Ans: MyCenturaHealth focuses specifically on personal health management, whereas the Centura Health mobile app might offer broader information about facilities and services.